How to Use The Legal Services Network from Allstate

The Legal Services Network Provides:

  • Access to a directory of attorneys in your community searchable by area of practice and location. The attorney you choose will provide services at reduced fees.1 To find an attorney in your area, go to the Attorney Search or call us at 1-866-330-0753.
  • Basic legal information that could help save you time and money.

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1 Not available in HI, NV and OH. Not all Listed Attorneys provide services in relevant areas of practice.

How to contact a Listed Attorney:

  • Go to the Attorney Search section of this website or call us at 1-866-330-0753.
  • Request a search by location.
  • Contact the attorney directly to schedule an appointment by telephone or e-mail to schedule an appointment.
    • When you make your appointment with a Listed Attorney, notify them that you found them through the Legal Services Network. If you are an AARP member, provide them your AARP membership number to ensure you are offered AARP member benefits.
  • Work directly with your Listed Attorney regarding your legal matter. All legal services are handled through the attorney, so attorney fees are paid directly to your attorney. There are no claim forms to fill out.
    1. Take advantage of the free 45-minute consultation, where available, to discuss your legal matter and determine next steps with your attorney.
    2. Come prepared and on time to your appointment and bring your AARP membership card.
    3. Ask your attorney for a written fee agreement if you intend to retain him/her.

Understanding the 20% Discount Benefit

We receive questions from AARP members about how to apply the 20% discount to specific events relating to their use of the Legal Services Network. We hope this information will help provide you with some knowledge and understanding.

There are many factors surrounding fees for attorneys’ services. They are: time and effort, geographic location, outcome, advice, difficulty of a case, experience, Prominence of the lawyer, preferred client discount and overhead. Understanding all of these factors, understanding the billing process and having a basic knowledge as to how attorneys charge for their services may help you prior to hiring a Legal Services Network attorney to handle a legal matter on your behalf.

Standard payment arrangements may include the following: hourly rates, flat rates and retainers.

Here are some examples of how the 20% discount would apply. There are typically 2 ways the 20% discount could be applied based on your particular legal situation. They are: (1) on an hourly rate basis and (2) a flat rate fee basis. Additionally, an attorney may ask for a retainer fee prior to handling your legal matter.

Hourly Rate:
This is the most common arrangement. In this instance, the attorney gets paid based upon their hourly rate for the hours they work on your case until the legal matter is concluded.
For Example:
If an attorney charges $300 per hour, 20% off would equal an hourly rate of $240 per hour you would owe the attorney for the total number of hours worked on the matter plus any out of pocket expenses such as postage, filing fees, photocopies, etc.

Flat Rate Fee:
This is an arrangement where an attorney charges you a set fee for the service being provided based on a normal number of hours the attorney expects to work on the matter. Such types of services could be, but are not limited to, standard lease agreements, Power of Attorney, Promissory Note, Real Estate Property transfer, Simple Will, Tenant Eviction, etc.
For Example:
If an attorney charges a flat fee of $800 for a real estate closing
20% discount off would equal $160.
Cost would be $640 plus any out of pocket expenses such as postage, filing fees, photocopies, etc.

Retainer Fee:
In some cases, the attorney may ask for a Retainer fee. A retainer fee is usually a pre-payment made at the beginning of legal representation based on an estimate of how much time a matter is going to take. The amount of the retainer should take into account the 20% discount on the hourly rate charged. If the matter costs more than the amount of the retainer, you will be responsible for the additional payments. If the matter costs less than the amount of the retainer you will receive money back. In some instances, a retainer may take on the form of a flat fee to represent a client on a specific matter, regardless of how much time or effort is involved in the representation. In many instances, this arrangement is typical in high profile type cases such as criminal matters.

Hopefully, this information has provided some insight into the operating standards of a law office that participates in our Legal Services Network. Please be sure to find out all the billing arrangements with your Network attorney prior to starting your legal representation.

In addition, we encourage the Law Firm and each Associated Attorney to offer to each AARP member who seeks to retain it, a written fee agreement prior to initiating any legal services for such AARP member. This will allow the AARP member to understand their obligations as it relates to the attorney handling their legal matter.

Suggestions and complaints:

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve the Legal Services Network or if you have an attorney issue, please contact us by using any of the following methods.

Call: 1-866-330-0753
Write: Legal Services Network from Allstate
           2775 Sanders Road.
           Northbrook, IL 60062

Rules governing attorney conduct prohibit interference in an attorney's representation of a client. We cannot influence an attorney's judgment in handling a case or become involved in an attorney's legal strategies. If an issue you wish to report relates to these types of matters, you may pursue action with the state disciplinary authority. Clients of any attorney have the right to file a complaint with the state authority responsible for licensing and disciplining lawyers. We will inform you of the process to make a complaint if you raise a concern about your attorney's handling of your matter.

In the state of Florida, this service is a "lawyer referral service."

It is an advertisement and all content regarding Listing Attorneys is provided by the Listing Attorneys. Neither AARP nor Signature Agency, Inc. endorses or recommends any Listing Attorney nor does either make any representation or warranty regarding the quality of services offered by any Listing Attorney. The Legal Services Network from Allstate is operated by Signature Agency, Inc., 2775 Sanders Road, Northbrook, IL 60062.

Discounts on some fees and costs may be limited or prohibited by applicable law or court mandate. Discounts on contingency fees are at the discretion of the participating attorney. Please discuss all fees, costs and discounts with your attorney in advance.